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A case of Dajulong without direction homogeneity

发布者: 大巨龙  时间:2021-08-11

PVC flooring

The PVC floor is a part of the building of a hospital environment. The Dajuling has no directional homogeneity. The PVC floor is rich in color, and the design of granules, spots or patterns makes the colors match with distinct layers. For example, in the children's ward, the ingenious collocation of the PVC floor with homogeneity and permeability has eliminated the children's resistance to the hospital, and has played the role of "visual treatment". The homogeneity and transmural PVC floor is widely used in foreign hospitals. The PVC floor has a variety of colors and designs, such as classical ceramic color, elegant wood pattern, natural color granite and so on. The patent round edge design can be applied to the edges and corners of the ground, but also to the circular ground. At the same time, it has rolling material and easy to lay elastic lumber, its relatively thin thickness and excellent sound insulation and heat insulation performance, can be used directly on the old ground floor of stone, ceramics, wood and so on. It is the best choice for hospital construction.

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