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Case display of Dajulong plastic floor roll Furn

发布者: 大巨龙  时间:2021-08-11

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Guizhou Huishui County chang Tian furniture industry city, the floor selects our Dajulong to have the direction 4800 square with the penetration. High quality main material + exquisite construction = a perfect model project, perfect interpretation of classic works. I hope we can have more sample projects like this, and jointly promote the healthy development of the resilient material industry. For the engineering contractor, Guizhou meteor World Building Decoration Engineering Co., Ltd.

The Dajulong has the characteristics of environmental protection and wear-resisting features of the same direction, and it has the refurbishment function. In the last few years, if the surface is very dirty and old, then we can look for the local cleaning company to do the refurbishment. It's like a new floor. The cost is very low, and the service life is greatly increased.

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