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Construction technology and maintenance of Coiled floor

发布者: 大巨龙  时间:2021-07-30


Coiled floor construction

Pre paving and cutting

  Place it on the site for more than 24 hours to restore the memory of the material, and the temperature is consistent with the construction site; Use a special trimming device to cut and clean the rough edge of the coil; There shall be no joint between the two pieces of material.


  Select the corresponding glue and rubber scraper suitable for PVC floor; Please turn the coiled material from the middle to both sides, clean the ground and the back of the floor, and then glue and paste it; The requirements of different adhesive agents will be different during construction. Please refer to the corresponding product instructions for construction.

Exhaust and rolling

  Push the floor surface with softwood blocks for leveling and extrude air; Roll the floor evenly with 50 or 75 kg steel roller and trim the edge warping at the splice in time; Wipe off the excess glue on the floor surface in time; Grooving and welding shall be carried out after 24 hours.


  It must be carried out after the glue is completely cured. Use a special slotter to slot along the joint to ensure firm welding; It is suggested that the slotting depth should be 2 / 3 of the floor thickness.


  At the end where the slit cannot be cut, please use the manual slit to slit with the same depth and width.

weld line

  The residual dust and debris in the groove must be removed before welding
   1. Manual welding gun or automatic welding equipment can be selected for welding;
   2. The temperature of the welding gun shall be set at about 350 degrees;
   3. Squeeze the welding rod into the opened groove at an appropriate welding speed (ensure the melting of the welding rod);
   4. When the welding rod is half cooled, the part of the welding rod higher than the floor plane shall be roughly cut off with the welding rod leveler or month cutter;
   5. After the welding rod is completely cooled, use the welding rod leveler or month cutter to cut off the remaining convex part of the welding rod.


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